ONE DOLLAR invested today becomes
ONE KID'S brighter tomorrow.

Memphis Education Fund is committed to helping every child in Memphis have access to a great public school.  How? By fueling targeted innovation, inspiration and investment - in teachers, schools and communities.

Memphis Education Fund was created to enhance this work by providing alignment across sectors of our educational community, which leads to a more integrated, collaborative and accountable approach to improving schools.

Back to School should mean the same for all kids. We believe it can.

Building the Blueprint

Learn more about current district superintendent search policies and how we can update past searches to ensure Memphis chooses the right leader for our schools. In part one, we discuss the current MSCS policy and what we should expect from the upcoming search. In part two, we review the superintendent search process and look at examples from comparable districts.

Eradicating The Odds

Recently, we partnered with the Urban Education Program in the College of Education at the University of Memphis to collaborate with Memphis area teachers to brainstorm innovative solutions to address the problem of staffing and teacher retention. Recognizing that the pandemic exacerbated the issues of staffing and teacher retention, we wanted to reach out to teachers directly to hear about their experiences and what could be done to change the situation.

To receive a copy of the white paper containing learnings and recommendations developed from teacher feedback at the Eradicating The Odds: Raising Teacher Voice conference, please fill out our form below. Thank you! 

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Place exceptional teachers in every classroom

The strength in our work is in the partnerships and relationships we build with leaders, educators and innovators in Memphis.



Expand access to high quality seats in great schools.

We believe giving parents a choice for the right education for their child is paramount. MEF fuels high quality school options that are not limited by districts, giving parents the greatest number of choices available in Memphis.



Empower families and communities with education and advocacy.

We believe that by engaging community stakeholders that focus on the needs of the whole child we will stimulate comprehensive conversations for child development and education.